Announcement --- January, 2019

As many of you know Bob & Cris Bennett sold the Bennett Ridge ranch and vineyard this past Spring. With our assistance the new owners, Kurtis Birch & Carrie Charlton maintained the vineyard and it prospered through the 2018 season. We had the biggest crop in many years and the quality was excellent. Many customers shared in this harvest and I am confident those customers will have every opportunity for outstanding wine.

Kurtis & Carrie are both committed to carrying on our more than 20 year commitment to provide superior quality wine grapes to the home winemaking community. The new owners have garnered some vineyard management experience from us this past year and have retained Efren, our vineyard manager of many years, to carry the high quality grape growing management into the future. The sales focus will continue to be serving the home winemakers of California and beyond by providing quality grapes, in home winemaker quantities, at a competitive price. As past customers know this vineyard is unique as the terroir and micro-climate are conducive to growing a diverse offering of grape varieties, unlike almost any vineyard in a prime winegrowing region.

Kurtis & Carrie will be operating under the nameĀ Sunset Ridge Vineyard, a new name but the same offering of quality winemaking fruit. I will be there in the background helping ensure customers the quality fruit they deserve, but your communication, planning and discussion will be primarily with Kurtis. His email isĀ

As in the past, current year pricing will be predicated on the prior year Sonoma County average pricing. Those prices will be published in mid-February. In the meantime, this website will be maintained and available to all. Hopefully there will be transition to a Sunset Ridge website in the Spring.

It was not easy to give up the ranch and vineyard we created and cherished for over 24 years. It has kept us feeling young beyond our expectations. Cris & I wish to express our gratitude to all who have shared in our grape growing and winemaking experience over the years. We have thoroughly enjoyed catering to the home winemaking community and providing quality fruit for their award winning efforts. Countless Gold Medal, and even a number of Best In Show, wines have been made from Bennett Ridge fruit and I expect continuation of those successes in the future. But more importantly, I hope for continuation of the home winemakers satisfaction that they make highly enjoyable wine from our Sonoma County fruit.

Our best to all and Happy Winemaking.

Bob & Cris Bennett
Bennett Ridge Vineyards