The Season --- June, 2018    

The 2018 growing season is in full swing. The current crop is looking beautiful. Due to the drought recent crops have been quite short, but deliverer of some fine wines of intense character. The big rains of the prior winter seem to be having an effect on the current yield so we are looking forward to a much improved crop size this year.

To this point the vines have been focused on developing the shoots and leaves for future photosynthesis. Now they will divert their energy to growing the fruit and creating the sugars that will provide a fine crop of wine grapes. Here in June we have just concluded the critical bloom period.  We had no great winds, heat or rain so the bloom has concluded very favorably. Thus we have modestly increased our projected availability. We have a number of commitments for grapes this Fall but we still have some availability at present. If the cluster counts as we get further into the growing season portend a larger crop we may then increase our estimates even a bit more.

Pricing is based on the published Sonoma County cost averages for the prior year. You can review our pricing here on our website. Due to the short yields with all growers in the past few years there was a significant increase in prices in 2016 and 2017, especially on Cabernet Sauv, Zin & Pinot Noir. You can be assured our pricing is at or only slightly above the Sonoma County average for 2017 and that our quality is significantly above the County average as the average always includes those lower quality grapes that are sold distressed at the last minute. 

 If you would like to make wine from our quality Sonoma County grapes, now would be a good time to establish your plans and line up your allotment.

We look forward to major improvement in the 2018 crop yields after several years of disappointment. Let the ripening period conclude with another crop of outstanding fruit from Bennett Ridge. You can look at our Awards page as evidence of the quality you can expect from our grapes. Join us for a harvest to remember, and to be enjoyed in the future with your skills as winemakers.